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Here is a Q&A thread. Ask questions and I will answer them in a podcast at the end of the week.
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Old version of N-IB it's setup to serve as a museum of sorts. It was working up to the point that reCAPTCHA updated. The devs said they aren't going to update it.

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quick question, should we remove the banners that have porn in them. I feel like that make every board NSFW even the ones that are. I think there are only one or two which wouldn't be a huge deal, however they have been with us for quite some time now.

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ok, so we finally has the banners working…. Sort of they are not on a rotator as we can not seem to get the rotator .php file to actually go into the directory and pull a random banner and respond with a 302 code. So for now we will just point it to a random banner every so often… until we can either get it to work properly or jerry rig it. either way we are on the right track with it. If you have any comments on how we can get this to work properly please let us know.


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It seems as though I was able to write a proper banners.php script to get a rotation of banners going..!

So that leaves us needing banners. Please create one for us that is the same size as the ones you already see here. gifs are accepted. Post them in this thread. (For now)

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